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About Looksmaxxing

At Looksmaxxing, we understand that the way you look plays an important role in all aspects of life. Whether it be securing a dream job, making a strong first impression, or boosting self-confidence, the way you present yourself to the world matters immensely.

Our mission is to empower men all across the globe with the knowledge and tools to enhance their personal appearance.

Meet the Team

Dean Robertson Avatar


Dean founded Looksmaxxing back in 2019 after noticing there was a lack of information online for guys on how to improve their appearance. His mission is to simplify the world of looksmaxxing and provide practical advice to help his readers look and feel their best.

E-mail: dean [at]



Nihilus is a passionate and dedicated moderator of the forum. Born with a keen interest in the nature of mankind and the laws of attraction, he naturally gravitated towards the world of looksmaxxing. He became an active member of the forum – sharing insights, experiences, and words of encouragement.



Tim is passionate and dedicated to becoming the best version of himself. He started looksmaxxing because he was very insecure about himself, and he found out that by looksmaxxing, he was able to resolve most of that. Tim achieves this personal transformation by applying useful information he has found in recent studies and on the forum. Additionally, he is working on improving his mental state, believing that it is a significant factor holding back most people, including himself. Tim is eager to share his newfound knowledge with the forum.

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