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    Looks are everything in life. 

    If you don’t believe me then feel free to read our article on why looks matter.

    Once you understand how much looks impact someones life you will begin to realize that it is in your best interest to improve and maximize your appearance as much as possible.

    Unless you were blessed with godlike genetics then there is no shortcut when it comes to looksmaxxing – and even if you have been, then you are still likely to benefit from many of the things you will find written here.

    Looksmaxxing Methods

    Why You Should Need to Looksmax

    You should be striving to improve your physical appearance as much as possible.

    With the methods and information provided here you should be well equipped to start your looksmaxxing journey. 

    I am willing to bet that most people will not get very far though. Looksmaxxing requires a tonne of hard work, consistency, and a complete change in the way you think and how you live your life. Looksmaxxing is not an overnight success story, it is a lifetime commitment.

    Connor Murphy Pose

    Assuming you have at least an average face with decent height then you can easily add a few points through ‘softmaxxing’ methods. Softmaxxing is a blanket term used to describe any looksmaxxing pursuit that doesn’t involve surgical means.

    Truth be told, if you have been genetically cursed then you may have to look into ‘hardmaxxing’ options.

    Surgery should be the last option you consider after you have finished softmaxxing. I do not recommend surgery for teenagers as your bones are still in their development stage. So with that being said, I would recommend waiting a couple of years before thinking about going down that route if you are planning to do so.

    Unless you plan on going for surgery it shouldn’t cost you that much to start looksmaxxing. A couple hundred dollars is enough to buy some decent clothes, supplements, skincare products and a gym membership.

    If you commit to improving your appearance then you will naturally gain confidence, discipline, and cockiness. You may even notice that people will start treating you better, women might start sparking up a conversation with you, and your friends will invite you out and want to hang out with you more often.

    Looksmaxxing will easily put in the top percentage of guys because 90% of dudes will not put in as much effort as you will to improve their appearance.

    FatmanO Transformation

    The ‘halo’ effect will come into play. You will start getting away with more shit, people will be nicer to you, you will get a raise at work, and you will ace that job interview you barely said a word in.

    In the end we all do this for ourselves; because we are tired of looking and feeling like shit; because we are tired of rejection; because we are tired of not living up to our genetic potential.

    Don’t do this for anyone else, do this for yourself.

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