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    What Is Looks Theory?

    Have you ever noticed a particularly good looking person and wondered what makes them so good looking? It’s easy enough to say they have a nice smile, or nice eyes, but there is something else at play here…

    “Appearance is the first thing we judge people on” – Anthony Little (psychologist at the University of Stirling in Scotland) [1]

    So… what is looks theory?

    Looks theory is based on a collection of scientific data, ideas, and principles. It is used to identify how looks affect attraction and our perception of one another.

    In this section we will be discussing these topic and delve into the ideal characteristics and traits of an attractive-looking man.

    The importance of this article is that many people are led to believe that looks are not important in life, but in reality this is not true at all.

    Knowing what makes someone attractive will allow you to know your strengths, weaknesses, and areas that you might need to try to improve on.

    Characteristics Of an Attractive Man

    In general, an attractive man will typically have a face with these supporting features [1]:

    • Visible bone structure
    • Prominent high cheekbones
    • Short philtrum
    • Thick eyebrows
    • Good eye area (i.e. “Hunter” eyes)
    • Appropriate eye spacing
    • Neutral/positive canthal tilt
    • Forward-grown lower orbital rims
    • Minimal upper-eyelid exposure
    • High facial width-to-height ratio
    • Compact mid-face
    • Wide palate
    • Minimal nostril visaibility / no significant upturn
    • White teeth with minimal gaps
    • Forward growth of the maxilla, mandible and chin
    • Vertical long ramus
    • Squarish defined jawline
    • Squarish hairline
    • Minimal hairline/temple recession (Between Norwood 0 to 1)
    • Clear skin that is elastic, supple, youthful in appearance
    • Acne-free and wrinkle-free skin
    • Minimal nasolabial folds

    Other non-facial factors include:

    • Tall height (ideally taller than the average female)
    • Even, healthy, youthful skin complexion
    • Low body fat percentage
    • Masculine / athletic build
    • Broad shoulders / small waist (V-taper)

    If you don’t know what most of these terms are then that’s okay.

    We will be covering each of these areas in great detail for you to read through and understand properly.


    Facial attractiveness above all else is thought to be the most important factor in regards to the overall perceived attractiveness of a person.

    The face of a person has been shown to be more important than a good body in terms of physical attractiveness. This was shown in a study conducted in 2009.

    The Importance Of Face In Regards To Attractiveness
    The Importance Of Face In Regards To Attractiveness

    There are many benefits associated with having an attractive face. Biological advantages include better mating success [1], increased longevity [2], and higher earning potential [3].

    What Makes a Face Attractive?

    While the reasons behind facial attractiveness are not completely understood, there are a several factors that are believed to contribute to a good-looking face.

    Facial symmetry, expression, averageness, skin texture, and sexual dimorphism are all thought to play a role in what makes a face attractive. Among these factors, symmetry and averageness are thought to be some of the most important factors involved with this.


    Symmetry is believed to play a role in facial attractiveness.

    Complete symmetry of the face is quite unrealistic, however we do tend to lean towards faces that are more symmetrical than not.


    For guys, height plays a massive role when it comes to attractiveness.

    But even if you are tall you will still need a certain level of facial attractiveness for your height to be useful. Think of height as a looks multiplier, the more attractive your face is, the more of an impact your height will have on your overall appearance.

    The ideal height of a fully-grown man seems to sit somewhere between 5’11” and 6’3”. After this point there are diminishing returns.

    In general though, women want to be with a guy who is ultimately taller than they are. 

    So the taller you are the more likelihood of this happening.

    Height of Adult Women and Men

    This graph will give you a good indication of where you sit in terms of height compared to everyone else.

    As you can see the population of men over 6ft is actually quite low, but to be considered tall you need to sit somewhere is this range.

    Unfortunately, your height is primarily determined by your genetics so there is not too much you can do about it. I wouldn’t be too caught up over it if you are not that tall as there is not much you can do about it.

    If you are curious as to what your height might be after you have finished growing then try using this formula:

    Add the height of your two parents together (in inches), and then divide this number by 2. After you have done that add 2.5 inches to this number.

    The number you get will be roughly how tall you will grow.

    This calculation is not always accurate, but it should give you a general idea of how tall you will be after you have finished growing.


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