The Ultimate Guide to Hair for Men in 2020

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    Just get a haircut, bro.

    No… but seriously, most people don’t realise how much of an impact hair can have on a person’s appearance.

    Hair is one of the biggest halos somebody can have. Furthermore, it is also one of the few areas that can increase your looks by a few points if optimized correctly.

    Keep reading if you want to maximize the appearance of your hair (aka. hairmaxxing).

    How to Improve Your Hair Quality

    I am a big believer in the ‘NoPoo’ method for guys.

    For those of you who don’t know, NoPoo is where you don’t use any shampoo to wash your hair. The reason behind this is that most shampoos nowadays contain sulfates and harsh chemicals that strip the hair and scalp of its natural oils.

    This makes your hair not only more prone to damage, but also causes it to become more frizzy and dry. It also causes the scalp to produce more oil to compensate for the oil that has been lost.

    Therefore, the solution to this problem is to only wash your hair with water each day.

    Your hair might feel a bit greasy at first, but this will become better over time. And in no time you will have beautiful, glossy hair.

    Try it out and see how it goes.

    Choosing the Right Hair Style

    Choosing the right hair style will ultimately depend on the shape of your face. Some hairstyles may suit some face shapes better than others.

    Let’s go ahead and explore these different face shapes.

    Types of Face Shape

    Oval Face Shape


    Oval face shape is characterized by a face that is longer in length than the width of the cheekbones. Furthermore, the jaw is rounded and not very sharp.  

    Oval is one of the best face shapes in terms of versatility. If you have an oval face then you can feel free to experiment a bit to see what works best for you. Shorter hair styles generally suit this face shape the best.

    Try to keep away from too much height/volume on the top of your head.

    Round Face Shape


    Round face shape is characterized by a face with identical vertical and horizontal ratios.

    If you have a round face then keep some length at the top of your head and make the sides and back short. You will find that volume/height products are your best friend for this face type. Facial hair also tends to compliment this face type also.

    Square Face Shape


    Square face shape is very similar to round face shape, but with more defined edges. The jaw is sharp compared to round.

    Your goal should be trying to soften the harsh lines of your upper face. Try going for messy, medium length hair if you want the best results. If not, then this is one of the best face shapes for a buzzcut.

    Facial hair will help you soften the harsh angle of your jaw.

    Heart Face Shape


    Heart face shape is characterized by a pointy chin and a forehead that is bigger than the cheekbones and jawline.

    Stay away from short hair if you have heart face shape. Ideally, you will want to grow your hair out on top to mask the length of your forehead. Furthermore, facial hair will help to fill out the jaw.

    Oblong Face Shape


    Rectangle face shape is similar to oval face shape, but with sharper lines.

    One of the best face types to pull off the slicked back hair look. You will want to stay away from styles that add too much volume to the top of your head.

    Stay away from growing a beard.

    Diamond Face Shape


    Diamond face shape is similar to oval face shape. Face length is the largest measurement, followed by cheekbones, forehead, and then the jawline. It is also characterized by a pointy chin.

    Grow out the hair on the top of your hair so you can make a fringe. This will help to cover up the length of your foreheard.

    For this face shape it’s up to you to decide if you want to grow facial hair or not.

    I Still Don’t Know What Hair Style to Go For

    If you still don’t know what hair style would suit you best then I highly recommend going onto instagram and checking out what haircuts are trending right now. Alternatively, you can use google to see what hair style male models are going for or have a look at some fashion blogs.

    This should help give you some inspiration for a new hairstyle that you might want to go for.

    The Importance of a Full Head of Hair

    For the majority of people you should look to maintain a full head of hair at all costs. This means keeping track of any signs of recession or shedding of your hair at all times.

    It is important to fight hair loss as soon as it starts. Do not wait until you are Norwood 5 before you start trying to fix it.

    And as a wise man once said: “a man starts to look old as soon as he starts to lose his hairline.”

    The only time you can get away with having a bald head is if you have a god-tier skull… 

    …and chances are that you do not.

    Prime examples of people who can pull off the shaven head look include The Rock and Bruce Willis.

    Attractive Men With Bald Heads

    As we mentioned before, the hair on your head should complement the shape of your head. For instance, if you have a tall or broad forehead then you will want to cover it up a bit.

    If you have a long midface then you can get away with showing more of your forehead as it will help to balance out your thirds. You should also be looking to add some body to the sides of the head to give the impression of a wider skull.

    Ideally, your hairline should be straight and have no widow’s peak. Furthermore, your hairline should also be square in appearance.

    If you have frizzy/curly hair then you can look into purchasing a hair straightener or having your hair permanently straightened.

    The Norwood Scale

    The Norwood Scale is commonly used to determine the different stages of male pattern baldness a person is in. Minoxidil and Finasteride (FDA approved) are the two big names when it comes to treating male pattern baldness, although both of these drugs come with a few potential side effects.

    Potential side effects of Minoxidil:

    • Unwanted facial/body hair
    • Dizziness
    • Fast/irregular hearthbeat
    • Fainting
    • Chest pain
    • Swelling of hands/feet
    • Unusual weight gain
    • Tiredness
    • Difficulty breathing (especially when lying down)

    Potential side effects of Finasteride:

    • Impotence
    • Loss of interest in sex
    • Trouble having an orgasm
    • Abnormal ejaculation
    • Swelling in your hands or feet
    • Swelling or tenderness in your breasts
    • Dizziness
    • Weakness
    • Feeling like you might pass out
    • Headache
    • Runny nose
    • Skin rash

    Finasteride Before and After

    If you have recessed past Norwood 2 then you may want to go for a FUE (recommended) or FUT hair transplant. Hair transplants are not the cheapest and can set you back as much as $15,000, which includes the procedure and medications involved.

    If you are past Norwood 5 then it is going to be quite difficult. You will have to settle for a hair piece or a transplant back to Norwood 3.

    If all else fails then pray that someone releases a cure for balding in the near future, but sadly that may not happen during our lifetime.

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