The Ultimate Guide to Grooming for Men in 2020

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Body Hair

If you are an extremely hairy guy then I have some bad news for you, son.

In this day and age most women tend to want a guy who is nearly as hairless as they are, but this does not mean you have to go and shave everything off completely. For instance, there is nothing wrong with having a bit of hair on your arms, legs, and face.

If you have a good physique then you will benefit a lot from shaving off most of your body hair, in particular your upper body.

Your chest, back, and shoulder hair can be removed with either a beard trimmer or hair removal cream. The back is a tricky area to reach so you may need to get someone else to help you reach back there.

Trimming your underarm hair is also encouraged as it not only looks better, but also helps with controlling any unwanted body odor.

The next obvious place is your pubic hair, which should be trimmed back every so often. Once again you can use a hair or beard trimmer to do so.

Nose Hair

Nose hair can be very unappealing.

In order to remove any unwanted nose hair all you need is a pair of tweezers, or a nose and ear trimmer.


If you have a monobrow or extremely bushy eyebrows then you should look to sort it out immediately. 

The general rule when it comes to grooming your eyebrows is that less is better.

You should not be trying to shape your eyebrows like a female would. Over-grooming your eyebrows will give off a homosexual vibe, and unless that is what you are going for then you will only want to half-ass it.

If you’re going for that ‘pretty boy’ look then you can afford to shape them a bit more. For guys who are looking to enhance their masculine appearance then thicker eyebrows are going to look better on you.

Avoid waxing your eyebrows as it will come across as way too feminine. 

If you are trying to get thicker eyebrows then start applying Vaseline to them every night. Surprisingly, it actually works pretty well.

 Pretty-boy eyebrows:

Francisco Lachowski Eyebrow Shape

Masculine eyebrows

How to Groom Eyebrows for Men

You can improve your eyebrows further by filling them in, but just be careful to not overdo it. You only need to apply small bits at a time. 

Facial Hair

Facial hair has the ability to improve your appearance quite dramatically.

I like to think of it as the makeup for men.

The Importance of Facial Hair for Men

If you have a weak chin then facial hair can work very well to hide your flaws.  A 5’oclock shadow can help give the illusion of better angularity.

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