The Best Outfits for Men in 2020

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Get fitted clothes.

Keep it simple and suitable for the occasion (i.e. don’t wear a suit if you are just going to go to class).

Regardless, you should be looking to improve your body to the point where you will look great in any type of clothes.

I personally recommend buying some tight black/blue jeans and complimenting it with a black/white fitted t-shirt. The sleeves should wrap closely to your arms – to the point where flexing causes your arms to really pop out of the shirt.

If you have only just starting working out then your body is going to start changing quickly, so expect your clothes to stop fitting you after a while. When that happens you’ll just have to go and get yourself another outfit in a size that suits your current body shape.

Finish off your outfit with a nice pair of sneakers and you’re good to go.

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